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DuPage County Property Tax Appeal Process

Chicago area property values have fluctuated tremendously in recent years. Some residential and commercial real estate has dropped significantly in value, yet municipalities have not lowered the property tax that is assessed on them.

Property owners have the right to appeal a property assessment and most often do so for one of three reasons:

  • Uniformity — Your property is valued higher than similar properties in your area
  • Overvalued — Your assessment has inflated the true value of your property
  • Property description error — An assessment is based on incorrect data, for example more square footage than actually exists

An assessment that is based on incorrect data may be corrected without the need for a formal appeal. In most other cases, however, an appeal is necessary.

An Experienced Team That Knows How To Contest Property Taxes

At Illinois Real Estate Tax Appeal, Inc., we represent individuals and commercial clients in all aspects of property tax appeals. Our team understands what is necessary to be successful with a property tax appeal. We field an experienced and licensed real estate appraiser, a licensed real estate broker and a tax reassessment lawyer.

We work with clients who own all types of residential and commercial property, including single-family homes, condominiums, apartment complexes, strip malls, retail stores, warehouses, industrial complexes and more.

Our extensive experience allows us to review the facts of your situation and provide an accurate assessment of your options and chances of succeeding. If your situation warrants, we will collect all necessary data and lead you through the appeals process.

The initial consultation with our attorney is free, and our fees are completely contingent upon successfully appealing your property taxes. If we help you obtain a property tax reduction, we receive a percentage of the tax savings that you get for the current tax year while the benefit of a property tax reduction will continue until the next triennial re-assessment.

Contact Us To Schedule A Meeting

You will find answers to some frequently asked questions regarding the property tax appeal process on this website, but we are always happy to meet with you during a free, no-obligation consultation.

Call 630-296-5084 or reach us toll free at 800-599-2152, or email us to schedule an appointment. We work with clients in DuPage County and throughout the Chicago metro area. For your convenience, we have offices in a number of locations.

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