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Tax Services and Fees-Commercial

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The objective of Illinois Real Estate Tax Appeals is to lower the amount of your property tax bill. The steps we take to do this are the following:

•1. Analyze your current assessment for apparent errors;

•2. Review current assessment against properties similar to yours;

•3. Review the Board of Realtors Multiple Listing Service Data Base for past sales of similar properties in your neighborhood;

•4. Review the Board of Realtors Multiple Listing Service Data Base for similar properties currently for sale in your neighborhood;

•5. Consult with you to determine the percentage of vacant units/spaces there are in the current year in your property;

•6. We give you a free preliminary analysis of your property to determine the merits of a real estate tax appeal;

•7. After you review the free preliminary analysis of your property, you decide if you want to hire us to proceed with your tax appeal;

•8. Upon being hired, we prepare the paperwork and valuation documentation to present to the Assessor's Office;

•9. If the Assessor's Office does not agree with our valuation documentation we would talk to you about ordering a Complete Narrative Appraisal to take to the Property Tax Appeal Board for a formal hearing;

•10. Over the years we have found that distinguishing your property from other "similar" properties with the data provided by an appraiser, can result in a lower assessed valuation;

•11. We never lose site of the fact that to lower your real estate tax bill, we need to lower your assessed valuation. We follow the above steps in our system to get achieve success for you.


At Illinois Real Estate Tax Appeal Inc. our fee structure is as follows:

•1. We charge an upfront non-refundable fee or $500.00 to walk the property with you, to get to know your property so we can distinguish it from other "similar" properties and get your tax assessed value reduced;

•2. In addition to the upfront non-refundable fee of $500.00, our fee is contingent, meaning we only charge you a fee when we obtain a tax reduction/savings for you;

•3. Our fee is 1/3 of the first year's tax savings that we obtain for you by lowering the assessed value of your property;

•4. The 1/3 is calculated as follows: the amount of the tax reduction times the current State Equalization Factor times the current Tax Rate divided by 3;

•5. For Cases taken to the Property Tax Appeal Board, when a favorable decision is made and money refunded to you, our fee is 1/3 of any monies refunded to you.

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